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A 3-Step Formula for Implementing Marketing’s “New USP”

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Applying marketing’s “new USP” to your online campaign

Okay, so in the last post I essentially tossed the USP in the trash.  I dismissed what has been a marketing staple for 60+ years – the Unique Selling Proposition.  In its place, I proffered the 21st century version of the USP to online marketers – the Unique Solution Proposition.

Rosser Reeves is rolling over in his grave as you read this.

The Unique Selling Proposition

What’s the difference?  The “old” USP was sellercentric (yes, as long as we’re making up new terms, I’ll add another!)

In many cases, especially offline, that approach still works.  You make a selling proposition that’s strong enough to pull new customers to your product or service.  You state: ‘buy this product, and you will get this specific benefit’.

If you haven’t read the post from August 15, 2011, go back and read it now (Nobody cares about your USP.)  This will make a lot more sense if you do.

Marketing Solutions

The New USP (Unique Solutions Proposition) just focuses more on the solutions your product or service offer.

Online viewers (the ones you want, anyway) are searching for specific solutions.

3 Steps to Boost Online Sales

So, here’s a 3-step formula for applying marketing’s new USP to your online campaign:

  1. Dig deep to figure out the core emotions of your prospects and customers.  For example, back when I was in direct sales, I bought my business clothes custom-made, from a company whose sales reps came to me. In fact, their motto then, and still is, “We Come to You with Fine Clothing”. It’s more along the lines of the old USP, but it works. Let’s say, however, that we wanted to apply this new USP idea. What are the core emotions of buyers?  Pride, or vanity – they like to look really good.  Insecurity – they’re not sure if they look the part they’re trying to play in the business world, and not sure if they’re dressing correctly and up-to-date.
  2. Specify exactly how you can solve their problem. In this custom-made business clothing example, a solution might be: “We’ll give you the confidence in every business situation of knowing you’re dressed exactly right, and better than anyone else”.
  3. Identify to your prospects the uniqueness of your solution, and back it up with proof.  Again, using our example above, it could read like this: “Since 1966, we’re the only ones who come to you with fine clothing. We’ll give you the confidence in every business situation of knowing you’re dressed exactly right, and better than anyone else”.
Your Business Image Re-Made

It’s a simple (but not easy) formula that can re-position your business.

It’s a formula that will give your business a fresh look.

It’s a formula that will help you pull in new customers, and remind old ones of why they do business with you.

Give it a try. Apply the 3-step formula and help your business break through the online marketing noise.

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