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Where do you get your great ideas from? Michael Bungay Stanier, founder of the Box of Crayons consulting firm and author of the book Do More Great Work, offers three creativity pointers: 

  1. Stop being so efficient. You exhaust your brain by doing everyday boring stuff. Turn off your phone. Ignore email. 
  2. Ask yourself some big questions. What’s the boldest thing I could do? What one thing would have the biggest impact? 
  3. Sleep on it. You’ve probably heard this idea, but it really does work. Before you go to bed, review the problem you’re trying to solve. If an idea comes to you when you’re in the half-state between wakefulness and deep sleep, write it down. 

And this idea (not from Stanier) – a lot of creative business owners I know keep a small notebook with them wherever they go (including within reach on their nightstand.) You never know when a creative bolt will hit you, even at 3 AM.

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