Are Your Marketing Messages Blending in or Standing Out?

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Your marketing should be memorable

If you Google “New York City real estate broker” and read the first ten bios you find, they all pretty much sound the same.

“Top Producer,” “Top Broker,” “vast market knowledge,” “attention to detail,” and “expert negotiator” are all overused expressions on real estate websites.

Two top brokers at one of the best firms in the City came to me a few months ago to help them sound different.

After a few phone conversations, some back and forth revisions, and a lot of creative effort, I came up with a bio for each of them that stands out.

Why good copywriters are a good investment

Professionals in most businesses write their own website copy and often their own marketing materials. Do you?

The problem is, you’re probably too close to it to realize if it’s effective or not.

All it might take is a quick review and critique by a professional direct response copywriter. In other words, a copywriter whose job is to get your clients to take action, and get you better results.

You don’t necessarily need to hire an expensive ad agency.

These two guys are in Manhattan. If they wanted a top-notch agency to “re-brand” themselves, they could have easily found three dozen within a half-mile radius of their offices throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

But all they needed in this case was a wordsmith and web copywriter who could make them stand out and sound memorable. That’s what I did for them.

Could your marketing messages benefit from a “refresh”?

If you’ve been using the same copy for more than a year, chances are you could get better results by making some changes.

One of the services I offer is Copy Critiques along with web copy ideas, at a fraction of the cost of a full rewrite.

Even the legendary Dan Kennedy asked me to review his copy a couple years ago, and give him ideas. As he said, “Steve came through for me with solid research, sound insights and valuable input for a major copywriting project of mine, involving direct response advertising encompassing every medium: print, direct mail, Internet, and broadcast.”

Ready for a fresh message and increased sales?

Give me a call at 608-848-2679 or toll-free at 1-888-207-4916 and we can discuss your needs. If I can help, you’ll get more bang for your buck than with any other copywriter I know. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you, and can probably refer someone who can.

Stand out. Be memorable. Bring in more prospects, and convert more of them to clients. Start today.

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