The Copywriter Cafe started it all back in 2012.

Then I created the Cafe Back Room in 2015.

Now we’re going even further, and I invite you to join us in the new and improved Café Back Room:

Business Beyond Copywriting™

“Freelancing is frustrating. Copywriting is becoming a commodity. What can I do?”

My name is Steve Roller, and I can’t tell you how often I hear this. All the time.

That’s why I created the Cafe Back Room.

I see the writing on the wall. Following the masses doesn’t look so good these days. There’s a better way.

Join us now and get $1,550 in bonuses plus The Roller Report print monthly newsletter.

Show Me the Bonuses, Steve!

I’d pay Steve 5x what he’s asking for this and still think I was getting the better end of the deal...

...if you’re still thinking about it, get off the fence and get in there.

Mark, Gatineau, Quebec

In the Cafe Back Room, I’ll help you parlay your writing or copywriting skills into a profitable, sustainable, and peaceful business.

No more changing course every other year.

No more up-and-down income.

No more going it alone.

Together, we’ll help you build a solid business that fits you and your style, a business you can ride for the next 5-10 years or more.
Ready to start (and get $1,550 in bonuses)? There’s no time like today.

Let’s do this!

You can’t hire a coach for a fraction of what you pay for the Back Room for an entire year. And I daresay you won’t find one who’s as invested in your success as Steve Roller is.

Forget dropping money on PDFs that live on your hard drive graveyard. Get in on conversations in the Back Room. Every single week I put something into practice that I learn there because they are simple, actionable things that just work.

Get in the Back Room and your business can look a whole lot different by the end of next year. I know mine does.

Kimberley, Phoenix, Arizona

“So, what do I get with this, Steve?”

Your 5-in-1 Back Room Membership includes:

The Roller Report, a 16-page print monthly newsletter

Delivered to your mailbox every month, you’ll get business ideas and insights in The Roller Report that I don’t share anywhere else. Fresh ideas and evergreen ideas you can implement right away and profit from.

Members like it because it’s tangible — something you can actually hold, mark up with your own notes, and save for future reference.

I love writing it. You’ll love reading it, and applying it to your business.

A next-level Business Training Center

Every video, guide, or mini-course here is designed to do one thing: Help you create a profitable, sustainable, and peaceful business you can ride for the next 5-10 years or more, one that fits you and your style.

You don’t need to go through all of them. I recommend picking only one to start with and putting the ideas into action quickly.

Cafe Confidential, our weekly interactive Back Room Zoom call

Find out not only what’s working now, in the trenches, but what’s coming down the pike. I have my finger on the pulse of what’s going on, and we talk about it on Cafe Confidential every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern Time.

I’ve been hosting this regularly since 2018, and we’ve done over 200 episodes so far. Join us when you can and either sit back and listen or jump into the conversations. Either way, one good idea once a year or so will pay for your membership many times over.

Private Members-only discussion area on Circle

Interact with other sharp Back Room Members. Ask questions, get answers, get feedback. This is NOT a Facebook group or Slack group (neither of which I care for at all anymore), and it’s not a time-suck like most social media. Circle is a fantastic platform I discovered in 2021.

Get in, get what you need, and get out (maybe 5 minutes/day, tops). I’m in here regularly along with the other Members. Finally, something you won’t get elsewhere…


Simply put, when you join us in the Back Room, I am now officially on retainer for you.

  • Got a question about getting clients? Message me.
  • Stuck on the next step to building your business? I’ll help.
  • Want to hop on a semi-annual strategy Zoom call? We’ll schedule it.

I’m here for you.

A lot of founders stop doing this once their group gets to a certain size, or they charge exorbitant amounts “to get access.” Not me.

I enjoy connecting 1-on-1 with Back Room Members, and I’ll look forward to getting to know you.

(I’ve had coaches and advisers tell me to price this benefit separately at $300-400/month or more, but it’s included in your Back Room Membership, and one of the main reasons Members stay.)

Again, the Back Room is about Business Beyond Copywriting™, and my aim is to help you build a business you can ride for the next 5-10 years or more.

The Back Room is a 5-in-1 membership, and any one good idea from any one of the five areas, only once a year, would pay for it many times over.

Most Members pop in and out as they have time, soak up the print newsletter every month, and connect with me once or twice a year.

Some members have told me they’d pay $200-300 a month to be a part of this community, but for now, I’m leaving it at only $75/month.

Why? Because I want to over-deliver. I want you to stay a long time, and I’d love it if you told a friend or two about us.

I’ll be raising the price regularly (probably every 6-12 months or so), but as long as you stay, your price will never go up. You lock into the rate you start at today.

I don’t require a minimum time investment because I don’t need to. Members stay because they want to and because they’re using the ideas to grow. Plain and simple.

For all the marketers you hear talking about offering customers 10x the value of what they pay, Steve really does. He honestly shouldn’t do as much for what I’m paying him.

Josh LopezCuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Join us now and get the 5-in-1 benefits including The Roller Report monthly print newsletter, me on retainer for you, plus $1,550 in New Member bonuses.

Yes! I’m ready to start.