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trampoline That’s me jumping on a trampoline in Baños, Ecuador, and yes, I try to find trampolines to jump on wherever I go. I even found one in Kulusuk, Greenland last summer. True story. Greenland1 The cool thing about being a copywriter is it allows me to indulge my passion for traveling. I’ve hit 30 countries on five continents so far, and I have plans to get to 55 total by the time I’m 55 (I’ll be 48 this year, so I need to get down to business).

Even better, as a copywriting trainer, coach, retreat host, and workshop presenter, I get to travel even more to help other copywriters. See, unlike some big-name copywriters who pride themselves on not traveling anywhere, and making clients and students come to them, I’m the opposite (so far).

Heck, I’m hopping on a plane to go to Austin, Texas, this weekend just to spend a Saturday with some aspiring copywriting rock stars. Last year I spent a total of 29 full days conducting retreats and workshops, plus an additional 16 days or so of traveling to get to those places.

This year I’ll be back hosting the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ in Chicago, Ecuador, and Vermont. I’m also planning meet-ups in Los Angeles, San Diego, Nashville, Atlanta, New York, and a number of other cities.













Why do I do this?  Three reasons:

  1. Nothing beats live events for life-changing, business-building impact. Content being equal, a live retreat or face-to-face coaching session trumps a webinar, teleseminar, or written program every time.
  2. I’m building my business on the model of live experiences as a way to distinguish myself in the marketplace. There are tons of coaches and trainers out there, and a handful of good ones, but no one else is doing it quite like this.
  3. It keeps life interesting. Isn’t it a lot more fun to get out and see the world, especially if you can hang out with really interesting people wherever you go?

Are you an aspiring (or already there) copywriting rock star? Have I missed your neck of the woods so far? Let me know where you live, and if we can rustle up a few other copywriters for coffee, lunch, or a little copywriting/brainstorming “jam session,” I’m open to suggestions.

Seriously. Leave a note in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

I’ve been known to hit some far-off places. Lagos car

Steve Roller

Author Steve Roller

I'm a business coach, author, copywriter, world traveler (33 countries on five continents so far), and professional speaker. In addition to helping companies get more customers and make more money, I help other writers create profitable businesses. I offer one-on-one coaching, professional copy critiques, and live, in-person business-building workshops. When I'm not writing, coaching, or speaking, I enjoy nothing more than hanging out with my wife and four kids and planning my next adventure.

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  • Suresh Nair says:

    Steve, I think this is a fantastic approach that will enrich both your life and ours. You’re absolutely right in that nothing beats a face to face approach in terms of quick learning, both for the student and the teacher. Very cool initiative 🙂

  • Jeff says:

    I’m an aspiring Copywriting Rockstar! Looking forward to the Chicago Ultimate Writing Retreat – also, there’s about 5 of us “first-timers” from Bootcamp 2013 who live in the Chicago area. Maybe we can connect with you sometime.

    • Steve Roller says:

      Jeff, I’m looking forward the Chicago retreat, too! I’d definitely be up for getting together with all of you in Chicago. Let’s connect soon.

  • Jess says:

    Steve, I’m super grateful for your work and service to other writers, especially efforts to connect other people. I’m all for connecting with Chicago people!

    • Steve Roller says:

      You’re welcome, Jess. I’d like to plan a Chicago get-together in addition to the retreat in May. And I may tap you to round up some show tickets for us again, too!

  • You definitely are unique, my friend!

    Thanks to your unconventional approach, love of travel and the Ultimate Writing Retreats, I got to see Vermont in the fall, learn some things about freelance copywriting, found some new ideas and inspirations and met a bunch of great people.

    You’re awesome, Steve! I’ll see you in Vermont again this year!

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