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Steve Roller, the Copywriter Connector

By 11/07/2013August 12th, 20224 Comments

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A couple weeks ago a colleague called me a copywriter connector. I’ll take it.

Four years ago, after a successful career in direct sales going back to 1986, I jumped into the world of full-time freelance copywriting. I got off to a quick start and wrote some good direct response copy that got results. I got hired by best-selling author and master marketer Dan Kennedy to help him with a large project.

It’s been a great ride since, with steady clients, rising income each year, and plenty of time to travel the world in the process.

So what’s a copywriter connector?

I help connect you, an aspiring copywriting rock star, with a business model that fits your skills, passions, and style. I help connect you with clients, the lifeblood of any freelance business. And I help connect you with other copywriters through this Copywriter Café group.

Small group and one-on-one coaching is a big part of it. Even more, the Ultimate Writing Retreat™ is a three day business-building and life-changing event.

There’s simply nothing like getting out of your normal surroundings and focusing completely on your business. And when you’re with 10-15 like-minded writers doing the same thing? Magic happens.

Want to make 2014 your breakthrough year? Watch for details coming soon on the 2014 Ultimate Writing Retreat™ in Paris, Chicago, Ecuador, and Vermont.

In the meantime, is there anything I can help you with? Would you like to navigate this crazy freelance world easier … find clients in your niche … determine what your niche should be … get better-paying clients?

Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll connect with you.






Steve Roller

Author Steve Roller

I'm a business coach, author, copywriter, world traveler (33 countries on five continents so far), and professional speaker. In addition to helping companies get more customers and make more money, I help other writers create profitable businesses. I offer one-on-one coaching, professional copy critiques, and live, in-person business-building workshops. When I'm not writing, coaching, or speaking, I enjoy nothing more than hanging out with my wife and four kids and planning my next adventure.

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  • Jerry Bures says:

    Simply…besides continuing to hone my writing skills, I just need to research and write faster! Just? Seriously, when I get that down, there’ll be nothing stopping me! In the meantime, I keep reading your good stuff. Looking forward to a copy project for which to use your services…stay tuned friend.

    • Steve Roller says:

      Thanks, Jerry. I think as we continue to learn more, and practice, we gradually get faster. I know I can knock out blog posts, articles, and copy much faster than I could two years ago, although I still feel slow. It’s a process, for sure.

  • edna says:

    great article, I’m getting jazzed up. I can feel it, I’m in the right place. See you in a few weeks in Pewaukee and I’ll do the Chicago retreat next May.
    Thanks Steve!

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