The more I hear everyone shouting about scaling, seven figures, and hiring teams of people to help with all of it, the more I want to retreat to simplicity.

If that’s your goal in the next couple years, you should go for it.

Me? And the people I’m helping?

I’m keeping it simple.

This is what I’ve done in the past, and what I’d do again if I was starting all over.

Consider this minimalist approach:

  1. Get 5-7 clients, paying you $500-$1,500/month each.
  2. Deliver something they need every month, ongoing.
  3. Find something they can’t (or don’t want to) do themselves, can’t get elsewhere in the same way, just as good, for less.
  4. Keep them really happy by making sure your work is helping their business grow.
  5. Give them ideas they wouldn’t come up with on their own.
  6. Keep it quiet. Don’t advertise your client’s names to the competition, and by all means, don’t create a course teaching other people to do the same thing as you’re doing!
  7. Keep a short list of people you stay in contact with who aren’t quite ready for your services. If one of the 5-7 clients ever leaves, send out an email and pick up a new client.

Simple. Clean. Minimalist.

Marie Kondo would like it.

I do.


Steve Roller

Author Steve Roller

I'm a business coach, author, copywriter, world traveler (33 countries on five continents so far), and professional speaker. In addition to helping companies get more customers and make more money, I help other writers create profitable businesses. I offer one-on-one coaching, professional copy critiques, and live, in-person business-building workshops. When I'm not writing, coaching, or speaking, I enjoy nothing more than hanging out with my wife and four kids and planning my next adventure.

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