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Don’t Throw Away $200 Million

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A message of hope for your business

Before ever publishing a book, Stephen King worked at a laundromat, as a janitor, and as a low-paid English teacher in Maine.  He wrote a lot but was rejected over and over. 

After yet another rejection, he threw his manuscript in the trash and was ready to give up.  His wife, Tabitha, pulled it out and insisted he keep trying.

That manuscript was “Carrie”.

Since then, more than 300 million copies of King’s books have been sold.  His net worth is estimated at over $200 million.

On marketing, business, and life.

Have you had any business failures?  Has the economy knocked your sales down a notch or two, or brought it to the brink of bankruptcy?  Have you ever had a marketing campaign totally bomb?  Have you ever lost everything and had to start all over? 

If so, join the huge crowd, and the majority of people in this world who have initiative and drive.  If you haven’t failed, you probably haven’t put yourself out there much.

As we careen into a new decade, there is a lot of uncertainty in business and politics.  My advice?  Persist.  Look for creative new ways to grow your business.  Consider new ways to market your business (without necessarily spending any more money than you do now.) 

Direct response marketing still works!

Find a fresh approach.  Test everything you do.  And by all means, ask people to buy!  The good old-fashioned direct response method of marketing still works wonders, when done right.

My hope for you is that in the process, you also have someone like Stephen King’s Tabitha, who insists you keep trying.

Here’s to a bigger and better year, and a great start to the new decade.

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