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How to turn your Big Idea into a thriving business

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Have you ever had a Big Idea, got excited about it, but didn’t act on it? Then a year later you discovered someone else developed an almost identical idea into a rockin’ business?

I have notebooks full of good ideas that never materialized … until the Copywriter Café, that is.

Two people were instrumental in helping me bring this business to life. One of them was Cyndi Fine, someone I’ve known for 12 years.

Cyndi is a successful entrepreneur, professional speaker, BodyMind coach, CranioSacral therapist, and most of all, a Creative Instigator. Her business,  Hands on Health, has done very well in a competitive industry for 33 years. She has a vibrant, energetic presence that’s highly contagious.

Over a couple lengthy brainstorming sessions at our neighborhood True Coffee Roasters shop in early 2012, Cyndi asked me a ton of questions about this Copywriter Café idea. She thought of things I never would have thought of. She got me to think big. She gave me clarity, vision, and focus.

Even more, she mapped out a strategy and a picture of what it should all look like. Then, over the next six months, she held my feet to the fire and made sure I acted on it.

What can Cyndi do for you and your business?

I’m pretty selective about the people I endorse. The reason I wholeheartedly believe in what Cyndi does is because I’m proof that it works. It’s also why I’ve invited Cyndi to come to the Chicaco Ultimate Writing Retreat™ June 19-22.

If she can help me launch a business while I was juggling a half dozen client projects, I believe she can do the same for you.

See, based on feedback I got over the weekend from my Facebook survey, you and a lot of Copywriter Café Members are kind of like I was.

I asked what the one thing holding you back right now is. This is typical of the responses I got:

“Fear; that I will invest time (and more $) in courses that will not pay off in the end. I have so many that are incomplete, I have gotten myself all knotted up like a reel of fishing line. I find myself questioning what my true passions really are. This state of confusion is making it challenging to focus and set up a game plan. For example, I can not offer services until I succeed at one. And, I need to re-write/create my website in order to offer services.”

Flat out, these are the kinds of problems Cyndi solves. And the last part of that comment, “I need to re-write/create my website in order to offer services,” well, that’s what the retreat is for.

As I say in the sales letter, “the Chicago Ultimate Writing Retreat™ will take your copywriting to the next level. You’ll also come away with a completely framed-out ebook, second website, or book idea, along with a detailed blueprint for finishing it within 60 days of the retreat.”

I don’t know how booked up Cyndi’s schedule is for doing these “Creative Instigator” brainstorming sessions that she did with me. At $150 per session, she’s in high demand. (Check her out on Facebook and at But I do know she’s going to be available June 19-22 in Chicago, where she’ll be giving each retreat attendee a complimentary session.

If you’re ready to get some serious clarity on the direction of your business, and then knock out fresh website copy, an ebook, or the framework of a book, no matter where your business is now – even if you’re just starting out – come to Chicago.

I guarantee this will be the most productive three days of your writing career, and that within 60 days you’ll be able to add “published author” to your credentials if that’s one of your goals.

Don’t wait, the Early Bird discount ends June 2. Get the full scoop at


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  • Cathy Yerges says:

    I agree completely Steve. Cyndi is wonderful at creative brainstorming and mapping a course of action. I’ve worked with her over the last few months and have taken big steps with big results in my business.

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