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Marketing creativity boosts profits

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Chief wordsmith and “idea machine” increases your profits

You and I are in the business of generating big ideas. Our livelihood depends on a constantly flowing creative spigot.

The better your ideas, the more profits you bring in, right?

As Chief Wordsmith and Marketing Strategist for, nothing fires me up more than helping a successful business become even more profitable.

Look, I know you could come up with all the fresh ideas you need on your own. But do you really have time for that? Even if you do, is it possible you’re so close to your own business that you’re not seeing things that could be improved?

As E. Kendall, business manager of said about me, Steve is amazingly thorough and organized. He has a great professional eye, and helped me catch a lot of things I was just too close to see.”

Marketing strategist goes the extra mile (literally)

My job is to come up with brilliant copywriting and marketing ideas for my clients, and I do it well. I develop new ideas, new angles, and new strategies. I’ve had clients ask me how I work and how I generate ideas, so I’ll take you behind the curtain today and reveal the real “Steve Roller”.

Colleagues of mine have told me they’re inspired by reading great books and articles on marketing. Keeping up with the gurus. I do this, too. Both the classics like Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy and Breakthrough Advertising by Gene Schwartz, and contemporary stuff online at places like Other professionals I know find inspiration and ideas from their swipe file of blockbuster copy. I’m a big fan of doing that as well.

But there’s one thing that ignites my creative spirit more than anything, and has produced some of my best work for clients …

Copywriter finds inspiration in travel

I’d still be a good copywriter if I didn’t travel. But when I travel, especially abroad, I’m an even better copywriter, and my clients are the ones who benefit.

In 2009 I re-wrote an entire website for a big insurance company. Vice President of the company, D. Meyer, said, “We have seen a lot more traffic and gotten a lot of compliments. It has helped our business and been well worth the investment.” 

What they didn’t know (and didn’t care about) was that I did the entire project from a laptop computer in Lagos, Nigeria.

Earlier this year, I was the guest editor for a week of AWAI’s The Writer’s Life. Rebecca Matter, AWAI’s Co-Managing Partner and Director of Online Marketing, said, “I just finished reviewing your issues for The Writer’s Life.  GREAT job Steve!  AWAI members will learn a lot from you this week and I greatly appreciate the solid writing and fact that you do not miss deadlines. Dream copywriter – thank you!”

Where did I find inspiration for that project? From the luxurious confines of my field-view suite at The Renaissance Toronto, overlooking the Rogers Centre (travel and baseball combined, two of my four passions, tend to produce extra-solid results!)

And finally, this summer I produced some of my best writing ever from my fourth floor office in Quito, Ecuador, overlooking the 477-year old Centro Historico, the Andes Mountains, and the “Notre Dame of South America”.

Copywriting and marketing strategy for busy businesses

“So what?” you might be saying. “What do I care that Steve Roller finds inspiration by traveling?”

Here’s why I bring this up: Businesses like yours hire me to write great copy and develop new marketing strategies. My creativity explodes when I travel, you get great new ideas and better results, and your profits increase.

Everybody’s happy.

Return on investment is the bottom line

I don’t tell you all this to brag. All you should care about is results, correct?

Let me suggest one thing. If you’re too busy to write your own copy and come up with fresh marketing ideas, or you just want a better return on investment than you’ve been getting from your current copywriter, ad agency, on in-house creative team, give me a call at 888-207-4916.

A quick 10-minute conversation and we’ll both know if we’re a good fit for each other.

If we are, it’ll give me a good excuse for another trip. I haven’t used my passport in almost three months, so I’m due.




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