Over the years I’ve railed on Job Boards quite a bit.

Job Boards, Job Fairs, Job “hunts,” it’s all the same: Terrible positioning.

You’re waiting for someone else to announce that they need help.

Then you’re standing in line with a whole bunch of others.

You’re trying to somehow stand out in a sea of look-alike, sound-alike people.

It’s essentially like raising your hand saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”, and hoping they do.

One person or one business, offering a “job,” with a whole slew of candidates to choose from.

And you’re jumping into the fray!? That’s crazy.

You’re letting them do the “sifting and sorting” and deciding if you’re worthy.

Even if you are the one who gets “picked,” it’s terrible positioning from the start. You’ve just entered their world, accepted an “assignment,” and are now going to be told how to do it.

Not my scene in any way, shape, or form.

If it works for you, more power to you, and keep doing it.

If that scenario makes you cringe like it does for me, I have a better way. The Cafe Way.

It’s a mode of operating where you bring them into your world.

You do the sifting and sorting.

You have a consistent way to get yourself in front of the right people, and you let them in on ideas they might not even be aware of.

You’re not waiting around for an “assignment” or job.

You’re generating ideas and planting seeds and helping people grow their business. You’re being proactive. You are in charge, you’re getting your message out, and you are doing the sifting and sorting.

It’s not only more fun, and lucrative, but it gives you a greater sense of self-respect and confidence.

The Cafe Way.

Besides the ongoing weekly Cafe Confidential Calls in my Premier community, and the Private Discussion Board there (better than a Facebook group), I have some new ways to help you operate like a true Cafe Writer, building your own business instead of someone else’s.

Stop singing the Job Board Blues. Stick around the Cafe. You in?

Steve Roller

Author Steve Roller

I'm a business coach, author, copywriter, world traveler (33 countries on five continents so far), and professional speaker. In addition to helping companies get more customers and make more money, I help other writers create profitable businesses. I offer one-on-one coaching, professional copy critiques, and live, in-person business-building workshops. When I'm not writing, coaching, or speaking, I enjoy nothing more than hanging out with my wife and four kids and planning my next adventure.

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