Back Room Membership

$47.00 / month


What’s the Back Room Membership all about?

I’m taking all the best parts of our current group, my retreats, and one-on-one coaching and rolling it into a format that will be easier to put into action.

The Facebook group isn’t going anywhere, but if you’re serious about building your business, the membership site is the place to be.

I’ll be offering a ton more value there, and that’s where I’ll be spending the majority of my time going forward.

Your Back Room Membership includes:

  • A lively forum that’s searchable, private (exclusive to Café Writer Members only), and categorized by topic
  • Free webinars to help you build your business
  • A library of resources and programs to short-cut your learning curve
  • Professional-level copy critiques from fellow members
  • Live Google Hangouts on Air with specialized trainings on getting clients, pricing, branding, positioning, and creating passive income
  • A tight-knit community where deeper, authentic relationships lead naturally to business connections, referral business, and endorsements

This is a community of like-minded, business-building copywriters, ready to help each other out with Big Ideas, advice, and perhaps most important – feedback.

The Café Writer membership site offers real, live business experience from the trenches.

In addition to getting better copywriting clients, as members and I build our information marketing businesses (non-copywriting businesses), we’ll be sharing details with you.

That level of transparency is more likely to happen in a private membership group than on a social media platform.

Behind-the-scenes business advice like this? Easily worth the membership price of $47 a month, even if nothing else was included.

Think about it. If you get one good idea – ONE – that you put into practice and earn over $500 from, the membership will pay for itself for the entire year.

The Copywriter Café is a great group. The Café Writer membership site will be even better.

PLUS…you get these FREE bonuses (over $250 worth, yours to keep just for checking out the Café Writer membership site for $47 a month):

  1. WordPress and Websites for Newbies, a fantastic resource from Sarah Levinger and HalfTone Graphics. Even if you hire out your WordPress work, this will easily help you do more of it yourself. Do it all yourself and save thousands. A $145 value, yours free with your Back Room Membership.
  2. The Personal Branding Guidebook, a Steve & Katlynn original for helping you create a strong Personal Brand that attracts clients. A $97 value, yours free with your Back Room Membership.
  3. Cheat BOOK for a Successful Copywriting (or any other solo business) Career by Ed Estlow. Priceless, if you put it to use!