I get at least two or three offers in my mailbox every week from local real estate agents. I rarely get one from the same agent more than once.

Physical postcards, I mean! Real direct mail in my physical mailbox, not my email inbox.

It tells me that a lot of agents are trying this technique, and probably spending good money on it, but not getting very good results. If they were, I’d see it more than once (and I’ve lived in the same house for 12 years).

Any of us could do this better than they’re doing it, right?

So do it.

Connect with a postcard company, maybe postcardmania.com. (I should be an affiliate marketer for them, I send them so much business.)

Have a VA come up with a list of all the real estate agents in your state. At one time there were 2,400 in my county alone. Probably 20,000 in Wisconsin.

Write a good direct response postcard with a great offer and CTA. Send it to 2,000 real estate agents. Cost? Maybe $1,000 including postage, plus maybe $200 for your VA to come up with the list.

A 2% response rate gives you 40 solid leads. Close half and you have 20 new clients.

Charge each client $1,000 and you now have $20,000 rolling into your bank account next month.

Repeat the following month, and up-sell clients to other services.

Simple. Doable. Unsexy and not digital, which is why most copywriters won’t do it.

  1. Make a list
  2. Write a letter or postcard with a good offer
  3. Send it out
  4. Talk to people who are interested

Don’t live in the U.S. where this is super easy to do?

Go online and hire someone to do each part of this. You write the copy, come up with the ideas, and provide direction.

This works.

I have a half dozen more simple ideas like this for you.

Schedule a call with me and I promise it will be worth your while.

Want one good idea, right now? Tell me your situation below and I’ll give you something you can implement tomorrow.
Steve Roller

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