Quick Fixes for 7 Common Web Mistakes

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Are you making these web copy mistakes?

Want your site to produce better results in 2010?  Overcome these 7 common mistakes, and you will…

  • Get more visitors to your site
  • Keep visitors on your site longer
  • Convert more of them to customers

That’s the bottom line, right?  More customers.

Useful content and strong copy = more sales

Your site may be in excellent shape.  But if you’re making any of these 7 mistakes, a minor tweaking can bring big results.

  1. Writing your content strictly for the search engines, not for humans.  There are a lot of great tools out there for determining what keywords your prospects are looking for, like,, or  Proper keyword usage will bring people to your site.  Problem is, you can’t just stuff your content full of keywords.  It has to be interesting enough so people stay on your site.  Quick fix?  Have someone (not necessarily an SEO “expert”) with a flair for writing compelling copy re-write your pages.
  2. Not finding out ahead of time what your prospects are searching for.  As indicated in # 1 above, you first need to do some keyword research.  Quick fix?  Go to or or to find out what keywords are best for your site.  Don’t have time?  Hire an SEO copywriter.
  3. Confusing layout.  Do readers know how to find what they’re looking for?  Is it logical?  Quick fix?  Lead them where you want them to go.  Put your tabs in the order that you’d want a reader to flow through them.  And have a strong call to action wherever appropriate.
  4. Too much information.  The life story of your VP may be interesting to you, but is it helping you attract and retain customers?  Quick fix?  Consider dropping any pages or content that doesn’t add true value.
  5. Too little information.  On the other hand, some sites don’t have enough content.  Visitors need to have a good idea of who you are and what you’re all about.  They need to trust you before they’ll take a chance on doing business with you.  Quick fix?  Add useful, relevant content.  Don’t have time, or a flair for writing compelling, valuable content?  Consider hiring a web copywriting specialist.
  6. One-sided content.  What do we mean?  Some sites we see have excellent, useful content.  They give out great information, but prospects don’t buy anything.  On the other hand, some sites (we’ve all seen them) have an overly “hypey”, heavy-handed sales message from top to bottom.  Quick fix?  This one is easy: balance valuable, useful content with a well-written sales message that gets readers to act.
  7. No call to action.  Believe it or not, a lot of sites don’t ask their visitors to do anythingQuick fix?  What do you want your visitors to do?  Ask them to do it. 

Do you have to use all seven of these ideas?  Of course not.  You may already have 5 of the 7 down.

Web Content Copywriting gets you results

If you’re not sure exactly how to do it, well, that’s what we do here at Web Content Copywriting.  Keep reading our blog posts, or email us or call us and we’ll see if we can help make your site stronger.

Here’s to more website visitors for you in 2010, and converting more of them to customers!

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