Social Media Marketing and Emotion: A Potent Mix

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“If language is used incorrectly, what is said is not meant, everything goes to pot, and the people stand around in helpless confusion.”   – Confucius

Social media, the BCS, and traditional advertising

Did you watch the college football BCS title game Monday night between Auburn and Oregon? Auburn won in a great game, but if you’re a student of advertising, you might have also noticed the Tostitos commercial. 

Tostitos, part of the Frito-Lay unit of Pepsi, chose a prime-time spot to launch a new campaign called “Tostitos Reunite America”. The campaign will be promoted through social media and public relations, rather than traditional media like TV or print ads (saving Frito-Lay a ton of money, and possibly just as, or more effective.)

Facebook, YouTube & Twitter go mainstream

A growing list of mainstream food brands like Campbell’s Soup, Coca-Cola, Kraft and PepsiCo are now turning to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to sell their products.

 The goal of the Tostitos campaign is to “bring people together through the power of technology”, says Justin Lambeth, VP of marketing for Frito-Lay. 

What? A tortilla chip bringing people together?

Copywriting and emotional branding

As Nancy Reyes, group account director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (Frito-Lay’s agency) explained, “The emotional benefits drive people to be closer to the brand than the functional benefits. It’s nice to focus on the emotional part of the brand and live out its purpose.” 

Sounds like a basic copywriting principle: “people buy things for emotional, not rational, reasons” (yes, even chips!) 

Check it out yourself: You could win a once-in-a-lifetime reunion with one of your own Facebook friends. 

Social media here to stay

You may not have the ad budget to launch on national TV like Tostitos did (then again, maybe you do.) But the same principals apply no matter what the company size – or the market. And the trend of more and more companies using social media is a great sign.

 Are you using social media marketing in creative ways to reach more prospects and customers?

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