Standout Web Copy and Web Design

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Standout web copy and web design

Strong web copywriting breaks through the marketing noise.  Consumers are bombarded with marketing every day, and you need to stand out.  The best way to do that is with strong web copy.

The same principle applies to web design.

A web design marketing tip

You need to have strong web design for your site to stand out for web users.  But instead of breaking through the noise, you need to keep the noise down!

Let me explain.

I’m not a web designer or web developer.  I’m a web copywriter.  But the copywriting principle of “keep it simple” applies to design, too.  Stated differently, keep the noise down.

Eliminate these on your website

Good copywriting plus easy-to-grasp pages equals more customers.  Two enemies of easy-to-grasp pages:

  1. Shouting!  Some web pages feel like you’re in the midst of a Ginsu knife infomercial.  Too many calls to action!  Lots of exclamation points and bright colors!  A lot of shouting going on!  and…
  2. Background noise.  Some web pages feel like you’re at a dinner party.  No one is shouting, but lots of smaller bits of noise all over.  For example, a major local news site here in Madison has an extremely busy site.  Way too much going on.  22 tabs across the top, plus weather forecast, videos, ads galore, 15 pictures…and that’s all just on the home page.  Net effect: distracted customers who may find it easier to leave your site.

Web page quick fix

Again, I’m a copywriter, not a web designer.  These two types of “noise” may not apply exactly to your site, but if you can,

  1. Make things more clear and more conversational, without shouting, and
  2. Simplify your pages so there isn’t too much information on any one page.

So, keep the noise down on your site, and break through the noise with strong, powerful copywriting.  Your site will get better results.

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