I’ve relied on Steve to fill the positions on the Boards of Directors of two non-profits. Through both, he’s amplified his individual action to improve the lives of scores of men, women, and children alike in our community.
I learned servant leadership from the Jesuits at Marquette University, and I know a true servant leader when I encounter one. Steve is the real deal.

Paul DriftmierBoard President and Co-Founder, Exploration Academy, Inc.; Board President and Co-Founder, AP76.org, Inc.; Owner, Photographer, Phat Shutter, LLC

Every coaching call with Steve gives me a crystal clear objective to pursue, moving me closer and closer to my vision for the story I want to live and the impact I want to make in the world.

Not only has he poured encouragement into me personally, he’s been intentional about getting to know and invest in LeRoy and our four children. Who does that these days? Steve operates on a whole different level.

Sharon Olsonauthor of Living Your Legacy

I’m honored to be connected to somebody as ambitious, passionate, and kind as you. Your life purpose, your presence, your family, your goals — everything about you is so pure, real, and authentic. Every single person here, including myself, can learn so much from the way you live your life.

Des Dobrevadesdobreva.com, London, England

Back Room Testimonials

Steve has helped me negotiate retainer deals, and he’s helped me negotiate higher-ticket deals that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do without him. My income is up twice what it was last year at the same time. Is that all Steve? No. But I don’t believe in coincidences, and I was already doing six figures as a copywriter, so this is a pretty significant gain for this to happen.

Mark Tandanmarktandan.com, Gatineau, Quebec

Some coaches and consultants just validate what you already knew. Steve gives you new and oftentimes better ideas and ways to implement your business idea. I’ve gotten so much value in the short months I’ve been in the Back Room, and I know you will, too.

Mele Williamsattorney, copywriter, founder of seejanesmile.com

For all the marketers you hear talking about offering customers 10x the value of what they pay, Steve really does. He honestly shouldn’t do as much for what I’m paying him.

Josh LopezCuyahoga Falls, Ohio

You can’t hire a coach for a fraction of what you pay for the Back Room for an entire year. And I daresay you won’t find one who’s as invested in your success as Steve Roller is.
Forget dropping money on PDFs that live on your hard drive graveyard. Get in on conversations in the Back Room. Every single week I put something into practice that I learn there because they are simple, actionable things that just work.
Get in the Back Room and your business can look a whole lot different by the end of next year. I know mine does.

Kimberley AndersonRedCurlCreative.com, Phoenix, AZ

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say thanks for the pricing info and other valuable tips! The strategies I’ve learned in the Back Room and in your emails have earned me an extra $7,500 this month — all paid in advance (and in addition to what I normally make). Naturally, I’m recommending the Back Room membership to anyone interested in learning about copywriting.

Matt Hallowner of commonpeople.co, a conversion-focused web design firm

Copywriting Project Testimonials

Steve Roller came through for me with solid research, sound insights, and valuable copywriting input for a major project of mine.

[Note from Steve: Other A-list copywriters hire me because I can often write as well as they can, and I bring an outside perspective they might miss because they’re too close to their own deal.]

Dan S. KennedyStrategic Advisor, Consultant, Best-Selling Author of the No B.S. book series

Steve’s done the majority of our copywriting during the last two years, and over that time we’ve increased our active clients by 157% (growing from 350 to 900 active clients) and nearly doubled our number of store locations (from 6 to 11).

Steve’s excellent copywriting is one of the reasons we’ve been able to grow so fast, and we’re very fortunate that he’s been part of our team. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

[Note from Steve: I continued to write for The Perfect Workout for six more years, from 2010-2018 all together. I believe in long-term business relationships.]

Matt HedmanPresident of The Perfect Workout

Steve, your Low-Profile Living package is performing well. It’s been a steady performer for us through three printings. Nice work! You are definitely in our plans for future work.

Mark Everett Johnsonformer co-owner of American Lantern Press and legendary copywriter for the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, Prevention magazine, and many other blockbuster promotions

Easy to work with, Steve met our deadlines and got the results we wanted. As the President of a company, that’s what I’m looking for.

Danny GordonPresident at iGROUP Senior Markets

Amazingly thorough and organized. Great professional eye. Steve helped me catch a lot of things I was just too close to see.

Enmi KendallGeneral Partner at Healthy Ventures, healthy.vc

Workshop/Retreat Testimonials

The experience with this small group in Santa Fe was nothing short of a high-level mastermind or brainstorming event that other people would have paid tens of thousands of dollars to participate in and attend.

Leanne RumseyIntegratedInboundMarketing.com

Happy story! I just landed a full-time Senior Copywriter position with Ramit Sethi at IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com. This puts me on track to at least DOUBLE my income this year.

As far as I’m concerned, the breadcrumb trail that led me to this position started with Steve. I’m very happy about my decision to attend his event.

Anton Volneycopywriter at Lurn.com, based in Saint Lucia

The retreat was killer. At a beautiful B&B in Vermont, I met motivated writers from all over (and outside the country). We didn’t come together to become better writers, but rather to become better business people. At least for me, I believe it worked.

I now have a plan for the next 18 months (or longer) of my life, an accountability partner, and some new friends. Steve’s knowledge of copywriting and sales is the perfect combination for those writers who want to get ahead and ‘bring people into their world’ (a favorite saying of Steve’s), rather than the other way around. Thanks, Steve!

Faye Rivkinwritefayewrite.com, Baltimore, MD

This retreat is already paying for itself! Since the retreat, I’ve gotten five new clients/projects. FIVE.

1. Monthly newsletter client
2. Weekly newsletter/blog client
3. Book editing project that will likely lead into more editing in Dec and Jan
4. One power planning session with a client
5. Monthly consulting with a digital consulting firm

I tell you this not to brag, but that your input helped me tremendously.

I’m thankful for all of you, especially Steve Roller, of course, for helping me get my confidence back with your support. It’s what made these relationships happen. I’m bringing clients into my world, and they’re loving it!

Joanne Spatarolookitsjoanne.com, New York

I am forever grateful for this experience. You don’t need the ‘big box’ conferences to help you. You NEED this kind of small retreat to jump-start, rekindle, clarify, improve, and invest in your writing dreams and career.

Shawn Mausproducer, screenwriter, podcaster at shawnmaus.net

Cafe Roundtable Testimonials

I’m a big believer in the concept of the mastermind. Each of us with our single minds, we think we can figure things out, but you get to a point where you run into roadblocks, and you need at least another mind to bounce things off of.

That’s one of the great things I like about working with Steve. When I have ideas and he has ideas, they turn into big ideas. We think better in groups. We get together at a retreat, we’re sitting around a table, pretty soon come up with bigger and better ideas. That’s the biggest value I get out of working with Steve and the Roundtable.

Kevin Rokoshcycling coach at epicseasoncoaching.com

I’m glad I listened to my gut last year when I accepted an invitation from Steve to join his inaugural Cafe Roundtable. I had faith that Steve would guide me in the right direction and help me focus on what was necessary and important. (I was SOOO right about that!) The individual, personalized help I received has made all the difference in my new business.

I’ve already made more money in my business than the previous two years of working a W-2 job. This would not have happened without Steve’s help.

I’m not writing to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of having a coach/mentor/guide for your business. If you get the opportunity to join Steve’s Cafe Roundtable, seriously consider it.

Lisa NelsonJovial Creative, Middleton, Wisconsin

I was always impressed with the value Steve gave to his Facebook group. I made up my mind that if he ever had more, I’d be willing to pay whatever he charged. Steve is helping me with a business project I’m working on now, and I’m going to be a member of his groups far into the future.

Carol Williamsseniorwomengolfers.com

Book Testimonials

Your book is great, Steve. In fact, I ran out of space on my bookshelf and threw out Scientific Advertising to make room. No regrets.

Seneca GatesDoral, FL

Congrats again on the new release of The Freelancer Manifesto. It’s wonderful to see the enthusiastic support of your community.

Sam Hornbestselling author of SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week, Tongue Fu!, Pop!: Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything, and more

Your book is wonderful! I was in tears reading the dedication page. The rest is practical advice based on real-world situations. You ripped off the rose-colored beach glasses and replaced them with blood, sweat, and tears.

Julie Patterson

Reality Check - Inspiration - Rock-Solid Usable Information

Wow, what a tremendous achievement. Your mega manifesto is both a reality check, and a source of inspiration, but more so, rock-solid usable information to make the life of being a freelancer fly, instead of fail.

Kelvin Parker

Steve. Just wanted to let you know your book arrived this morning. I've just finished reading it. What can I say... WOW!!! I don't remember a time when I read a book within a few hours of getting it. I've only just finished with my first client. Now I have a stellar testimonial. You have given me a great deal to think about. Really well done. 10 weeks and a lifetime of advice. I'll be in touch. Really great read!


Social Media Shoutouts

And more!

Steve, you’re like a copywriting psychologist.

Bill Bellington(I'll take it!)

Steve, you articulated this so well. Well, of course you did — you’re a magician with words.

Kathleen Shrader

Thank you for being a guest expert on our SOMEDAY book club. People really appreciated your real-life examples of ‘moving on’ and how being a freelancer in our life keeps us open to new opportunities. You are a class act, and I really appreciate the way you show up.

Sam Hornbestselling author of SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week, Tongue Fu!, Pop!: Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything, and more

Steve is one of the best people out there for helping others understand how to be prosperous in today's economy by leveraging copywriting and marketing skills.

He's helped me out with my business more htan anyone else on the planet.

Brandy Booth

“Steve, I don’t know how I didn’t come across you years ago. I just read your pricing guide and it’s some of the best advice I’ve ever received. I’ve had training and information on how to set prices from all of the biggest names in copywriting. You would know them all. They could learn a lot from your guide. Thanks for sharing it.

Ron Warne