Why even professionals have a personal trainer

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Three and a half years ago Australian golfer Adam Scott got a new swing coach – his brother-in-law, Brad Malone.

At the time, Scott said, “I’m paying attention to all the little things. My grip. My posture. My alignment. I felt like I was getting loose and sloppy with those things. Posture is the most important one. I have to keep checking that I’m not getting too hunched over with a rounded back.”

Malone went on to tweak a few more things in Scott’s game the next couple years, including his swing and getting him to use a long putter.

Scott was already a great golfer up to that point. He had won numerous tournaments and earned millions. But these small improvements culminated in this year’s historic win at the Masters, becoming the first Australian to win at Augusta National.

Why copywriting pros use a trainer

One of the things I love about my role as “personal trainer to aspiring copywriting rock stars” is seeing a big payoff for someone I’m working with. Maybe not quite like a win at the Masters, but rewarding just the same.

Yesterday I got an email from Matthew Loomis, Chief Copywriter of Kaboomis Copy. Matt’s no beginner – he has six years of full-time writing experience and an extensive portfolio of print and online samples.

Matt signed up for my “Espresso Membership” about a month ago. We talked once, I critiqued some copy for him, and then he asked for some guidance on dealing with a difficult client situation.

The short story is that the client was happy with Matt’s work on an ebook project, but was offering way too little for the next project.

So Matt and I talked about positioning, tone, pricing, and specific verbiage to use in replying back to the client.

It worked.

Matt got an ever better offer than he expected, and the client  said something to the effect of, “I hope my low offer didn’t offend you in any way. Let me know when you’re ready to begin working on xyz project.”

What does this have to do with you?

I believe every one of us, no matter what level we’re at, needs a trainer (a term I prefer more than the over-used “coach.”) We need someone to bounce ideas off of, to get professional copy critiques from, to get straight-shooting feedback from.

Matt’s a sharp professional copywriter, and having a “trainer” is taking his game up a notch further. As he told me yesterday, “Your advice has definitely proven to be good advice. My Espresso Membership is well worth it. Thank you so much.”

I’m not writing this to puff myself up, but I think I’ve been remiss in letting you know that I even offer this service. Check it out and sign up at For now it’s a ridiculously low $30 a month.

Here’s to landing a copywriting victory of your own.

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