I’m an author, first and foremost. I’m a writer.

I get transformative ideas out of my head and into the world, where they can make a difference.

I’m a creator.

I create courses, communities, and compelling messages, for myself and select businesses I partner with.

I’m a connector.

I help connect solo business operators with customers and clients who need them. I help you get good clients you love, and I help you sidestep and leapfrog your peers and competition.

I connect you with other people in my community who can give you good ideas, advice, encouragement, and feedback.

And I connect ideas and dots to help you make sense of it all in this unpredictable, upside-down world.

Above all, I believe this:

The world needs your talents, your products, and your services.

The world needs you!

When you get crystal clear on what that looks and sounds like, you can live large, impact others, and leave a legacy.

It’s about serving people in a bigger way.

That’s what I help people do.

Time is short. At a certain point, you realize there’s no sense in playing small or holding back. I’m 55 years old. I could have another 55 years left or maybe only five months. Who knows?

But I do know this: I’m making every day count.

I’m working with a sense of urgency, and living with a renewed sense of purpose.

The future looks quite bright from my vantage point. I’ve been blessed beyond measure, and the best is yet to come. My goal is to bring as many people with me as possible. I hope that includes you.