“A toast to my big brother, George: the richest man in town!”

I’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life at least a dozen times, and that line never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

If you remember the scene, just about everyone in Bedford Falls comes to the Bailey house when they hear George is in trouble. He’s rich with friends.

When it comes to money, I’m not the richest man in town (not yet, anyway).

But I can tell you that most days I feel like George Bailey. My life is richer because of the people I know, especially people I’ve met over the past four years through copywriting.

My freelance career has opened up so many doors to friendships, working relationships, and what I would simply call “big idea thinking.”

Copywriters are the richest people I know, and I benefit by associating with them!

You can’t put a price on that.

A side benefit of being a copywriter

Here’s the thing. Become a copywriter and you’ll have a lifelong skill that you can use to generate income at will.

You’ll also hang out with rich people: copywriters.

Let me clarify what I mean …

  1. Rich in money. Copywriters are a discreet bunch as a rule. You won’t hear us talk about how much money we make very often. But if you’re an observant person like I am, you realize that the A-list copywriters are making huge money. The next tier is living pretty comfortably, too.
  2. Rich in freedom. Copywriters live life on our own terms. We vacation when we want for longer than the standard one or two weeks. We pursue work we’re passionate about. That’s true freedom! What’s not to like?
  3. Rich in experiences. I love hanging out with copywriters and swapping stories. Whether it’s rubbing elbows with famous people or globetrotting and working at the same time, copywriters are some of the most interesting people I know. We’re nonconformists by nature, so that alone lends itself to interesting experiences.
  4. Rich in relationships. Writers tend to have strong personal connections. You won’t meet a more genuine, fun, intelligent, optimistic, hard-working, interesting, entrepreneurial bunch of people. Those qualities tend to attract other sharp people.

Yes, the richest people I know are copywriters!

Do you want to accelerate your path to success as a copywriter? Get to know as many writers as you can, and spend some time (virtual and live) hanging out with them.

The Copywriter Café closed group on Facebook is a great place to do so (request to join and I’ll add you), and so is the Ultimate Writing Retreat™. This year’s retreats are already booked up, but you can start planning for 2014.

I’ll be hosting retreats in Paris, France from April 23-26, 2014, and in Quito, Ecuador, June 25-28, 2014.

In the meantime, I’d like to hear from you. What is one side benefit you’ve received as the result of being a writer? Leave a comment below.



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